Secure encrypt a folder or decrypt a file into a folder using AES-256-CBC.


Node v8.0.0 is broken (encrypt/write) - decrypt/read works, it is fixed in 8.1.0.

Breaking change v1.1

The method of using password is changed. Now, it is a bit more secure. Even if you use 2 characters, it will create a 128 characters long password. A bit more secure. To use the old versions you can decrypt it with v1.0.12-7, then encrypt with v1.1+.

Breaking change v1.2

Now the encryption uses 512 new additional rounds with AES-256. I think it will be very slow to break. Imagine AES-256 * 512. :) You can decrypt the previous versions and encrypt with the v1.2 version.

Breaking change v1.3

Additional salt included in the encrypted file. Now, you can find out your file version, so in the future, you may just use the appropriate encrypt/decrypt method. Although, same versions Major.Minor are not breaking. Example:

patrikx3@laptop:~/Projects/patrikx3/aes-folder$ krip info /media/ramdisk/krip.krip 
Generated command:
krip info /media/ramdisk/krip.krip

Krip file info:




Help screen:

krip v1.3.29-23

krip help                 - this help info
krip info input?          - if omit input, it uses krip.krip
krip read|decrypt input?  - if omit input, it uses krip.krip
krip write|encrypt input? - if omit input, it uses current krip directory
p3x CIA